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Chatsworth Parent Group

Chatsworth Preschool engages in an open door policy for parents and has a very supportive network of parents that forms the Chatsworth Parent Group (CPG) . Parents in the group help and collaborate with the teachers in various activities and field trips.  We constantly strive for positive, proactive, high quality and frequent communication with parents and strongly encourage our parents to help in both classroom, special events and at field trips.

Through the Chatsworth Parent  Group, we hope to:

  • Strengthen home-school collaboration and partnership
  • Establish a shared vision and goals with parents
  • Maximise utilisation of resources and expertise offered by parents of diverse skills and experiences
  • Provide opportunities for networking among parents through events and projects

The CPG  comprises parent volunteers, the CPG  teacher co-ordinator and the principal.  The group will meet at the beginning of each term or when on a need basis to coordinate parental involvement with the preschool.